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Restival fuses the best of festivals and retreats with the creation of a brand new wellness travel get-away. The event landscape is evolving and we have created a five night ultra-travel transformational retreat in the Arizona Desert, offering you the rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself, others and nature in eco-lux comfort.  From the moment you arrive, you’re welcomed by one of the Restival team who hands  you a freshly made organic elixir and opens up a holistic library of experiences:  writing, dancing, yoga, meditation, gong baths, nutrition, sweat lodges, Navajo art, Peacemaking, workshops, Navajo astronomy, sound immersions and the chance to visit “secret Arizona” with Navajo elders, off the beaten track, to places with captivating stories from the beginning of time. Become part of our movement and meet amazing people at Gateway Ranch in unity with the Navajo. It’s a bit of game changer.


Restival – learn from the land, the people and rejuvenate

“If this event could’ve started in 1492, imagine how life would’ve been…..complete opposite I suppose. Please keep it alive. Navajos are rooted deep. Nourish them forever. A lady hugged me and cried. What a beauty, I’m sure we’ll see each other again, soon, naturally.” - Johnson Yazzie, Navajo Artist

After you’ve gained accessed this magical wonderland, the rules of the game change forever, so, read on, and then imagine you’re viewing the Harvest Moon at sunset, inhaling the clean air from the San Francisco Peaks, observing the silence and then watch the videos, to see what Restival feels like.
You too can join our movement.

Breathtaking terracotta scenery punctuated with green cacti, homeland that stretches back till time began, the unique landscape of Grand Falls and the Painted Desert that takes your breath away. You learn from the people who live with Mother Earth and Father Sky in beauty – the Navajo. Arizona was the perfect landing pad for Restival, to hold our very special celebration of nature, being human, re-connection and life, in collaboration with our Navajo friends and the owners of Gateway Ranch, the founders of the award-winning STAR School – the USA’s only off-grid educational facility, a cause that Restival wholeheartedly supports. We celebrate life, love and beauty nightly around the campfire with performances, music, astronomy, stories with the moon and stars looking down on us.

Restival gives you full permission to slow down and take in the view. You won’t be alone – there’ll be about 90 or so like minded travellers with you in comfortable eco-lux accommodation, regardless of age, be it 21 to 61, male or female, single or married, such a  diverse crowd, but we like it like that – our gatherings are exclusively intimate  – it forges stronger connections. Restival often appeals to those who live in densely populated areas, who feel like life is speeding up, who don’t have time to rest as they find it hard to keep apace modern life with bodies that weren’t designed to take on so much pressure.  Just a short stay at Restival changes all of that and you become part of the Restival movement – an antidote to modern living, that gives you a sense of thriving, of being human again.

Chasing the Beautiful Arizona Light

That’s welcome in Diné. Part eco-luxe retreat, part tribe, at Restival, You...

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Annie Loyd - The Art of....Workshops

Settle yourself down on a plump cushion in the Hogan...

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Writing Workshops

Oxford educated nomadic model Carolina Rommel delicately...

The Benally Family

Some families just nail this thing called life. The Benallys are one ofthem. Not only do they uphold all of the traditions of their Navajo foundations...

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Cacao Elixir

Between meals, take a trip to the Organic Elixir Bar...

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A word from our Founder

Caroline’s talks are always a joy to hear. Her honesty...

Nourishment and Nutrition

Even in the middle of seeming nowhere, we make sure you eat like a King or Queen, nutritioning...

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Greet the Sun with the Navajo

Johnson shares his morning salutation to the Sun and...

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A Taste of Transformation

Roaming the Arizonian terrain, a chance encounter...

Sunrise on Camp

Taking the time out of a busy modern life to attend Restival is a crucial step to self-discovery....

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Yoga with Kiki

You might be tired, disillusioned, wound up, depressed,...

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Yoga Teacher Chyla Walsh

My yoga is definitely how I live my life vs just a...

The Best Outdoor Showers in the World

Shower like a prince. Bounteous purple and gold outdoor hot showers built by Fractal Marks with...

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Movement Therapist & Musician Saffire

At Resitval, Saffire created music, danced together,...

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Sunrise Timelapse

Restival takes place on sacred land: part Native American...

Restival Elixirs - Chai Latte

Hannah Mendoza’s magical Latte recipe here for you to enjoy - nutritious, delicious and impressive....

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Navajo Artist Baje Whitethorne Jr

Roaming the Arizonian terrain, a chance encounter...

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Transformation & Gratitude

"I loved being woken by the sound of faraway cattle,...


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