About Us

Restival is a brilliant fusion of retreat and festival, hosted in stunning locations around the world where we take one step beyond the end of the road to help you unwind and restore your physical and mental equilibrium with a wonderful set of people.

Each exclusive gathering is held in partnership with an indigenous culture and by interacting with different tribes, you have a rare opportunity to reimagine our world from a fresh and fascinating perspective.  You’ll get the chance the immerse yourself in the surrounding nature, to live with and off the land and breathe fresh air under pristine skies. Whether it’s deep in the Sahara Desert or in the majestic forests of Lapland, or within the Painted Desert of Arizona, you will explore and experience the natural world up close from the comfort of beautifully designed accommodation offering comfy beds, clean white sheets and hot showers. You’ll also dine on delicious, healthy local and organic produce.  

Restival is so much more than an amazing travel experience. Your days will filled with opportunities to attend specially curated workshops and fun filled activities that will help take you out of the every day, unplug, re-connect and create the space to unveil your true self whilst having a wonderful time. 

Oh, and don’t forget there’s no wifi at Restival, that’s why it’s a bit of a game changer.