Restival will take place in June 2016 in Swedish Lapland, located at Europe’s last wilderness where the majestic midnight sun fills your bodies with light. You’ll de-stress in cosy cabin accommodations surrounded by stunning lake views and unspoiled nature in the land of the Sami Tribe.  The six day event will be curated with extraordinary […]


Restival’s inaugural launch in 2015 took place November 14th-20th at a luxury eco-camp situated over the Atlas Mountains just outside M’hamid, beneath a blanket of millions of stars and the ethereal sand dunes of Morocco’s Sahara, the ideal place to switch off and find inspiration.  The curated weeklong program included an incredible assortment of writing and […]


“So, the Restival experience helped me to review my priorities – not in what I ‘did’ but in how I felt about the things I did. I have since set to work to address my personal and professional anxiety in a way that instead of, as I expected, would drive me to do less, has […]


Restival’s ethos is to produce amazing, life changing experiences around the world, while adhering to a set of shared values:  Reconnecting Through our diverse programming of workshops and collaborators, which changes for each Restival gathering, our guests immerse themselves focusing on their inner creativity and personal well-being. Each event takes place off-the-grid without the modern […]