“So, the Restival experience helped me to review my priorities – not in what I ‘did’ but in how I felt about the things I did. I have since set to work to address my personal and professional anxiety in a way that instead of, as I expected, would drive me to do less, has enabled me to do much more. I went to Restival primarily to escape the light and sound pollution of my London life. While I was there I thought I’d dabble in a bit of yoga, meditation, creative writing and talking with strangers. Since my return, I’ve realised the parts of my work I have passion for and now get to spend much more time pursuing them. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough to anyone looking to run away to come home. The beautiful photograph of the Restivallers atop a dune (that’s me – 9th in from the left!) is my longest serving screensaver.”

— Charlotte – guest

“Restival was life changing in 2015. It was very special. It came with personal challenges but the support and community allowed vulnerability and the ability for each person to shine.”

— Holly Ann Johnson

“The thing about Restival was that it’s not real-life; it is more of a blueprint for what real life should be.”

— Simbarashe Cha

“We used words to describe our feelings instead of relying on a photo or emjoi to do the talking for us. We rediscovered how to get to know one another through the art of conversation, without any digital distraction. I got to know myself better and think about something lasting, something needed both for myself and for those I love.”

— Kiki Kolenbet

“It was the most magnificent celebration of life, love and creativity set out in our natural world at its rawest.”

— Claire Hewitt

“As a solo traveller I tend to go for the single room option rather than share with people I haven’t met. At Restival I opted to share with three other unknown companions, and the three women I stayed with have become firm friends. It certainly has changed my view of sharing rooms on trips in the future, as you build a deeper connection with people when you share with them. ”

— Christine Cowin

“If the thought of being separated from your technological devices leaves you feeling more than a little bit out of your comfort zone the maybe the best way to fight your addiction is to face it head on. Now before you have a melt down and imagine yourself wandering aimlessly through the sand with nothing but the social media sweats, we’ve discovered an option that couldn’t be more different. From casbahs at sunset to Saharan sun baths, if a mind-altering experience is what you need to break the cycle then our friends at Restival have got the solution” ”

— Welltodo London