As a unique fusion of retreat and festival, Restival naturally unveils your inner spark, welcoming you to a new global community. Discover the Art of Reconnection with nature, culture and yourselves in unique off the grid locations.

We always work hand in hand with the indigenous population of the land. In Arizona, it’s the Navajo and in Morocco we will partner with the Berber Nomads.  Sami Tribesmen will work with us in Sweden.

Our family of facilitators also make Restival so fascinating – here’s some information about what they do. They have wisdom, courage, creativity, experience and humour. Take the leap with them to a place where the magic happens.

Anne Loyd  – Executive coach and mindfulness trainer Anne Loyd has curatored a tailor made series of “The Art of….” workshops which include Love and Relationships and The Art of Disconnection, teaching you how to stand up to the 24-hour “on” culture.

Seymour Projects – Founded by iconoclast Melissa Unger, Seymour Space has created multidisciplinary projects that motivate you to take regular breaks from technology and other outside distractions to nurture your mind, explore your subconscious and cultivate your imagination. By offering space, information and motivation to regularly explore and express your inner landscape, Seymour Projects helps you reconnect with your intuition and pursue your own creative instincts.

Secret Yoga Club  – Hosts pop up yoga events in various venues around London with various yoga practices complete with live music and culinary delights.  The yoga retreat takes place in the most awe inspiring surroundings, grounding you to nature with the incredible teachers of SYC holding the space for you, culminating in a gong bath.

Leo Cosendai  – Sound healer and composer, Leo is the foremost gong specialist in the world hosting workshops and individual one on one sessions. He has trained with grand gong master Don Conreaux.

Boris Hoppek and Dunja Jankovic – Two nomadic artists who work outdoors creating mixed-media large-scale installations. Boris deals with primary instincts and human nature with a link of work that’s playful and humorous while remaining ambiguous. Dunja, his partner, works around the themes of tribal art and patterns.  They have an incredible idea for an installation that we intend to launch onto the lake at Restival.  It will be awesome.

Simbarashe Cha – Hailing from the concrete jungle of New York City, Restival’s in-house photographer is one of fashion’s most celebrated up and coming talents, with a roster of international clients that include Carolina Herrera, Afropunk and Grazia Italy. Always after the raw and authentic, his work has been published in The New York Times, Vanityfair.com and The Guardian.

No Restival experience would be complete without a Pop Up Shop selling local handicrafts from the local Tribe plus music and dancing in the evening.